Equine and Large Animal Cremation Services (Temporarily Unavailable)

For many of us, horses become a member of the family, a cherished friend and companion. Following years of companionship, we only want the best for them. At Dignified Pet Services, you can expect to work with people who treat your horse gently, with compassion, and with an understanding of the bond that you have created.

Transportation(Not Currently Available)

Transportation for large animals is done gently with a system that we have developed. Our custom built trailer houses a large sled, which is removed from the trailer and placed beside your horse. Once your horse has been properly positioned on the sled, it is pulled gently into the trailer with a winch, where he or she rides securely to our cremation facility.

Transportation is available throughout the Pacific Northwest, Central Oregon and the Oregon Coast.

Individual Whole Horse Cremation

We pride ourselves in the fact that we offer a complete whole body, individual cremation of your horse. We ensure that your horse is treated with the utmost respect, individuality and care that we know he or she deserves, from the time we receive your horse to the time the cremated remains are returned to you. 

Our state of the art large animal crematory is the only one of its kind on the West Coast. The typical horse cremation process takes approximately seven hours. Following the cool down period, the cremated remains, (which consist of primarily bone fragments), are processed into a powdered, granular consistency. The typical horse cremation process results in approximately 40 pounds of cremated remains. Generally, the cremation process is complete in less than 24 hours.

Cremation Price List

Miniature* $2,500
Standard* $4,000
Draft/Large* $4,600
Indirect access (ex: Stall removal) $365

*Price includes private cremation and local transportation. (Local transportation includes 20 miles from our facility. Mileage beyond 20 miles is charged $7 per mile one way.)

Prices effective September 28, 2022. Subject to change.