Pet Cremation - Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost?
Private cremation costs are determined by the pet’s weight category.  Please contact us for specific pricing. 

What types of Cremation are available?
Private Cremation—

“Private Cremation” means that your pet will be kept separate from other animals at all times during the cremation process.  The ashes, also, will be kept separate and identified on the urn.  This is a dignified process and Dignified Pet Services assures your pet’s care at all times. 

General / Communal Cremation—

“General” or “Communal” cremation implies that your pet is cremated amongst other animals and the ashes are not separated and not returned to you.  Your veterinarian can help you make arrangement for this service.  Each crematory has their own policy as to the disposition of ashes from general/communal cremation.

Does Dignified Pet Services Provide Pet In-Home Euthanasia Services?
No.  We do, however, work closely with veterinarians and providers of In-Home Euthanasia services.  

Do You Have A Pet Cemetery?

No.  In most areas of the country there are pet cemeteries which provide burial services, however, in Oregon and Southwest Washington the choices are very limited. The Oregon Humane Society operates the only pet cemetery in our area and they can be reached at (503) 285-7722. Some cemeteries outside the metropolitan area allow pet burials and you can call Dignified Pet Services for more information about those.

How Do I Know I'm Getting The Right Ashes Back?

Over the years, that has been one of the largest concerns surrounding cremation for humans as well as pets. The answer is simple, only work with a professional cremation service provider that you feel you can trust. Dignified Pet Services has an "Open Door Policy" and encourages tours of our facility, including our state of the art crematory. If you're concerned about the correct ashes, always ask where the cremation is handled and if you prefer, ask to speak with the certified crematory operator. You should be allowed to see the crematory if you choose. We also offer scheduled and witness cremation services for families wishing to be present for their pet‘s cremation.  These arrangements are available 7 days per week, by appointment.

Dignified Pet Services maintains a permanent record of all cremations we handle. Every cremation process is issued a record number, which becomes a part of our permanent file and each cremation is handled with care and respect at all times. We want you to have confidence in our service and as members of the human funeral service profession, we apply the same dignified procedures to pet aftercare as we do with human aftercare.

Can I bring My Pet To You Myself?
Absolutely, a pet may be brought directly in to our care by appointment.  This can be a wonderful therapy in providing some of the care yourself. Whether your pet dies at home, a clinic or pet hospital, you are always welcome and highly encouraged to take an active role in the process. However, if you prefer, transportation arrangements may be made from a private residence or a veterinary practice.

Do You Work With My Veterinarian?
We are happy to work with any veterinarian and we work exclusively with several veterinarians in the Portland area. It would not be possible for us to provide all the cremation services to all veterinarians; therefore, we have focused our efforts toward serving the pet owners who appreciate high quality service and the veterinarians who appreciate our professionalism and wide range of services. We are much more than a pet crematory; we are a full service aftercare provider available as a resource to any pet owner or veterinarian. All veterinarians in the area are aware of our services and will be accommodating to your needs if you ask for us.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know if we regularly work with your veterinarian.

How Far Will You Travel?
We consider our "Home Territory" to be the greater Portland area. For services and transportation more than 20 miles from our facility, mileage charges may apply.

Can I Scatter My Pet's Ashes?
Yes, you have the option of scattering. Many people like to scatter ashes in one of their pet's favorite areas or a special place of memory.  Remember, however, that scattering is an irreversible decision. Most people who scatter prefer to keep a small portion of the ashes. This small portion may be placed in a keepsake urn, memorial jewelry or even memorial art glass. A "place of memorial" can be quite comforting, so take special time in making decisions about scattering.