Pet Cremation Services and Options

Private Cremation Services

Pet Cremation can be an affordable, yet dignified option that provides many opportunities for memorialization.   “Private Cremation” means that your pet will be kept separate from other animals at all times during the cremation process.  The ashes, also, will be kept separate and identified on the urn or receptacle.  This is a dignified process and we assure your pet’s care at all times.

Private cremation is available for pets of all size, including large animal and equestrian.

Private pet cremation costs are determined by the pet’s weight category.  Please contact us for specific pet cremation pricing.  We also work with and arrange transportation with veterinary hospitals throughout Portland, Salem, Vancouver and surrounding communities.  

Witness Placement

Some families find comfort in being present at the time of their pet's cremation placement.  We offer scheduled and witness cremation services for families wishing to be present at this time.  Our facility offers a private family room to share time with your loved ones prior to this cremation process.

These arrangements are available 7 days per week, by appointment.


A pet may be brought directly in to our care at any of our three locations, or transportation arrangements may be made from a private residence or a veterinary practice.  Though we have general business hours, our services are available for after hours and emergency calls 24/7.

We predominantly serve the greater Portland area.  For services and transportation extending more than 20 miles from our facility, mileage charges may apply. 

Pre-Cremation Options

We offer many pre-cremation options such as Clay or Ink Paw Printing, Fur Clippings, and Remembrance Hearts to help you memorialize your dog, cat, or other pet companion.

Clay paw prints are an impression of your pet’s paw in white clay.  Your pet’s name is stamped beside the impression.  For smaller pets, two impressions may be used.  Generally, a rear paw is used.

Ink paw prints include a set of 3 cards (size 8.5” x 5.5”) with your pet’s paw prints placed horizontally and/or vertically.  These card-stock cards can be framed, saved for scrap-booking, or used to memorialize your pet as you see appropriate.

Fur or hair clippings of your pet may be taken, complimentary, at request.

Remembrance Cremation Hearts are to symbolize an eternal love and presence.  The smaller, inner heart is placed with your pet prior to cremation.  Following cremation, it is returned alongside your pet’s cremated remains.  The inner heart may then be reunited with the outer heart that the owner would generally carry. 

Personal effects, keepsakes, photos, notes or favorite toys may be permitted to be cremated with your pet.  Please ask one of our staff if you wish to have a personal effect cremated with your pet.