Rio Beeker

My favorite scene from Pooh & Piglet is when they are walking in the woods and Piglet says “Pooh, how do you spell love”? and Pooh says “you don’t spell it, you feel it”.  That is how I feel about animals. I have loved and lost many, but a few stand out. Rio is one of them. She came into my life shortly after a big loss. She was 9 months old and full of life. She wasn’t the smartest, but she had the biggest heart.  She was a great listener and she would never let me stew for long. Somehow, she made life about her. She had to be the center of attention, she had to get the last bite, she needed more petting than the other animals, she needed to be a lap dog, even at 80 lbs.  She had the biggest sad puppy eyes that made you melt and grant her every wish.  I will miss her always. She was the light in my life.