Baylie Dog

Things are different now.

I lick my own yogurt spoon.

Pip The Cat gets no exercise.

The tuggies wait in their basket.

Car windows hold no dog-nose art,

And the car seats have no hair.

No more back scratching on the boxwood hedge,

Or running commentary (barking) at passers-by,

Or “Shake!” (growl) and “Other shake!” (growl),

Or howler monkey in the middle of the night,

Or humming for pure joy.

No more gleaning raspberries from low branches,

Or loving looks from liquid brown eyes,

One ear up and one down.

You weren’t the most agile of dogs, or the most energetic, but you were the sweetest, our baby, our Bumble Bee. We learned so much from you, about dogs, about humans. We are so grateful to have been your family, for no one could have loved you more, and we will miss you always.

Go get ‘em, Baylie, dig for those gophers in your new Field of Dreams.

Sharon Kirkpatrick

Norm Schwisow