Blaze Tubbs

Blaze was a dog we rescued from the Human Society when he was 5 months old.

The kindest soul ever. Sweet and mellow.

He loved car rides, swimming, walks, camping, the beach, watching motocross racing and shopping at the Home Depot! :)

His secret desire was to find a kitty that would be willing to play with him! He knew where the cats in the neighborhood where living and every day he would be determined to pay them a visit! One of them would fall for his charms right?

His all time favorite snack after dinner was a dentastixs! Yogurt and a couple of potato chips where also high on his snack list.

He was a happy 90 pound hairy little fella who made us laugh and brought us joy!

I never could have imagined the emptiness he would leave in my heart and life after he passed away.

I am truly heartbroken.

Blaze thank you for 12 years of companionship and love!

You will be missed forever.

2001- June 17th 2013

Mona and Nick Tubbs