Chando Dog

He gives a whole new meaning to the term "unconditional love", for that is exactly what it was. For more than 13 wonderful years, we hiked together, swam together, skied together, and traveled together. The car was his second home. More than just a family pet, he was our best friend.our pal. In many ways, he was our kid. And, in many ways, we were his. Always with a stick or a ball in his mouth, he was the ultimate retriever, always ready to play. Always ready to challenge us, he could read our thoughts. And we could read his. He wanted to be good and he was good. Oh, he chased squirrels and a cat or two, but that's what retrievers do. He was "a good boy". And to him, we were "good boys" too. Together, we had total understanding and total trust. He would have died to protect us. He lived to please us.

We miss him with tears and smiles. They just don't live long enough.