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Garrison Family

Garrison Family
Garrison Family
Garrison Family

These words are from my heart.

''Sadly on December 23, 2003 our loving companions passed away in a house fire. They lived together, played together, fought together, and died together. We will miss them forever, but will one day see them again. Mascot, Marmalade, Murphy,Merlin, Missy and the birds. I loved you very much and will miss you just as much. I will always feel your presence and know you are at peace and all together. I will see you again..


Mascot - aka Spaz - you were my first dog that was really mine. Sometimes you weren't the best dog when you chewed a shoe or chased a cat, but I loved you sooooo much. I'll always remember how you would sneak into my room at night and snuggle under my covers, even though you knew you weren't allowed. And how you would stare at me from across the room for no reason. Life just won't be the same without you.

Marmalade - aka Tank - goodbye my Herford. You'll be missed so much! I remember the day I got you from the Humane Society; you were so tiny! We fixed that, huh? You slept so much on the back of my couch you made a permanent groove in the pillows. I know you'll be happy to see Lilly in kitty heaven. You were a great help to her. And how can I forget how much you loved to hide in the bamboo, but I'll never figure out how you fit through the fence to make it over to Bobbi's yard. You were just a great mellow-yellow cat. I love you.

Murphy - my (muffin) baby blue eyes! You were so handsome. Everyone thought so. I wish you could have known how hard I fought to save you from the crazy guy next door. Those were some tough times. As you grew up you became my "bathroom kitty." That's where you loved to lay. No one had any privacy with you, but you were just too cute to get mad at. I remember when Mascot always liked to pick on you and you would just roll over on your back and grab him with all of your paws in a headlock. I'll never forget how many times I almost stepped on you because you stopped and dropped right in front of me. Then you'd look up at me with your big blue eyes. I could never be mad at you. I think I'll miss you the most.

Merlin - hey mer-man. You were my mysterious wild cat. I named you Merlin because it was magic when I found you at that campground on Mother's Day. The park rangers had been trying to catch you for days with no luck. I caught you with a bowl of milk that's all. When we moved to the new house you loved to check the perimeter of the house, and whenever Matilda caught a bird you always claimed it as your own. You only wanted loves when YOU wanted them. Only on your time is when you came around, but I always knew when you were in my room because there were muddy paw prints on my covers from you always being outside. If you had a theme song, it would be "I Love You Truly." When you howled that's what you sounded like you were singing. That's what I'll miss the most. I love you.

Missy - my oldest cat. I'm not sure of your age, but it has to be old because you barely had any teeth, but that's okay because I loved you the same. You loved to be lazy and sleep on my mom's bed all day with Mascot. You always picked the worst times to take a bath, whether it be a 3 a.m. or in the middle of a movie, but you were very beautiful. I'll miss the way that you would get a sudden burst of energy and skid across the kitchen floor and land in the laundry room or the dining room. I think that my mom will miss you even more than you could imagine. You will be missed dearly.

Naya - goodbye Nay-Pie. It seems that I just got you back from when you flew outside. Now you're truly free. I don't even think you knew you were a bird. You wanted any thing I had like food and pop and even when I took a shower you had to be right there with Murphy in the bathroom. Even though you were so loud, I still loved you. And even though you sometimes dive-bombed the cats, I still loved you and now that you're gone, I STILL love you.

2 Parakeets - well, we rescued you, along with the other parakeets, but they got new homes and we decided to keep you two together. You were beautiful when you talked. You sounded so pretty. I'm sorry we never named you, but I don't think that you two minded. You two just did your own parakeet thing. I'm glad that you two were together when you passed. I'll miss your songs.

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Candle lit by Tricia I don't know you or your family but your loss touched my heart. I am very sorry that you lost all of your pets in such a tragic way.

Candle lit by Anon Wow. I'm so sorry for your loss. So many at once.

Candle lit by Keith My sympathy goes out to you! I couldn't even imagine losing all my pets at once let alone one by one. Please know that they are waiting for you to meet up with again! Check out this beautiful Flash website about the Rainbow Bridge.

Candle lit by Cassandra Garrison To my beloved pets: If tears were a stairway to heaven, I would climb to Heaven and bring you back home again. I have felt such a loss since the house fire on Dec. 23rd which took our animals that I have not been able to post to the memorials for them. Rebuilding our lives after such a tradegic loss has consumed all my thoughts and time. It's been difficult to sit and really think about what happened. I wish I could turn back time. I tell myself, "Good bye" doesn't mean forever and "good bye" doesn't mean we will never be together again. But, my heart aches when I think I hear Mascot bark, or when I go into the bathroom and Murphy isn't in the sink.....or to actaully have my bed all to myself. I truly want to thank Alexandra, my daughter for writing about our pets and my friends, Trish and Tina, for taking control of the reigns and making this all happen for our beloved pets.

Candle lit by Bobbi Bates You were all my loves! It seems so hard when I go outside and there is no Merlin or two most frequent visitors. Of course, Marmalade......I loved it when you managed to get your "Macho" self under the fence and up to my porch to visit me (when your Mom didn't know it). You were all such and joy and delight to me. I will truly miss you all!!........Bobbi

Candle lit by Stephanie Bates I'm so very sorry for the loss. It's just not going tobe the same going to my grandma's house and not seeing my little Merlin. He was my fav. I had just lost my two cats in this last 8 months and Merlin was my like buddy that was just like my two but all in one. I will miss you and all your friends. ~Stephanie~