Pet Memorials and Tributes in Portland Oregon


July 2002-February 24, 2015



Things are different now.

I lick my own yogurt spoon.

Pip The Cat gets no exercise.

The tuggies wait in their basket.

Car windows hold no dog-nose art,

And the car seats have no hair.

No more back scratching on the boxwood hedge,

Or running commentary (barking) at passers-by,

Or “Shake!” (growl) and “Other shake!” (growl),

Or howler monkey in the middle of the night,

Or humming for pure joy.

No more gleaning raspberries from low branches,

Or loving looks from liquid brown eyes,

One ear up and one down.


You weren’t the most agile of dogs, or the most energetic, but you were the sweetest, our baby, our Bumble Bee. We learned so much from you, about dogs, about humans. We are so grateful to have been your family, for no one could have loved you more, and we will miss you always.

Go get ‘em, Baylie, dig for those gophers in your new Field of Dreams.

Sharon Kirkpatrick

Norm Schwisow

4 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Angela I miss the wonderful welcome Baylie would give me when I arrive home from work each day. If she was out in the yard, she was intent on making me feel special and loved. I am so lucky to have known her and to have received her love in return. She (and her humans) welcomed me to the neighborhood the very first day I moved in next door. Sami and I have wonderful memories of Miss B and she will forever remain in our hearts. Love, kisses and roo-roo's...Angela and Sami

Candle lit by Ann H. What a wonderful tribute to Baylie! I know it is very sad, but I hope you find peace in knowing Baylie won the dog lottery when she became part of your family. This was not a random win, but rather one that Baylie participated in; she earned and deserved the life she had with you by being a great companion. To be deeply loved and able to bring so much pleasure to others is the best life ever. Ann

Candle lit by Kathleen Your memorial is so sweet. It brought to mind so many of Baylie's quirks and tracks! I try to be the best I can in this life, so when I come back it will be into a family as loving as the one Baylie has!

Candle lit by diana wild Such a great tribute to your friend. Your words to Baylie are wonderful as are the photos. This is a wonderful site, too. Peace, sister and brother!