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  Suspect was born on February 6, 1997 in San Fran California to the 2 proud Dads of Denzel McNash and Ron Reed. She had 2 sisters:  Endora, who she grew up with, and Peaches, who came into our family a little while later. Suspect lived life to the fullest; she loved life as long as it was at her pace. She even had been on an airplane, when she moved from California to her final home here in Portland, Oregon. Suspect even has her own Facebook page. This little girl was loved and will never be forgotten. She went across the Rainbow Bridge in her daddy’s arms on February 6, 2013. Her 2 dads were so blessed that she graced our lives and she will be with us FOREVER.   RIP Miss Suspect McNash   Love,   Ron Reed and Denzel McNash.

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Candle lit by Kathleen RIP, little one.

Candle lit by Faye Suspect...what unique name for a beautiful kitty. I'm truly happy that you have experienced true love from a little furry angel. Although we always remember the pain of loss, what these little souls give is immeasurable. I wish you a good journey suspect kitty! Much love Blessings to your family