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JB Turkiewicz

Born in Estacada, OR on Dec. 10, 1996 Departed on Jun. 19, 2008 and resided in Portland, OR.




JB on front lawn in Westmoreland


JB, Tristan, and Christel at Yale Lake, WA

JB was born in Estacada, Oregon on December 10, 1996. We chose JB over her puppy siblings because she was the toughest puppy of the litter while playing tug-of-war. She wasn't the biggest, but she was the strongest.

The full name of JB is Julia Brunette, Christel's great-grandmothers name. We thought we might name our puppy Reagan, and choose a male, but when we saw the size and ferociousness of JB's sire we promptly choose a female puppy.

We picked up JB in Estacada when she was twelve weeks old and brought her to our newly purchased home in the Westmoreland district of Portland, Oregon. The house and the puppy were a lot of work in the early years. JB would love to go for a walk in the late evening hours to expend the puppy energy. While doing so she would love to play fetch, or better said keep-away, with the neighbors' newspapers (they were made from trees and looked liked sticks, and they were in the box I came home in). The area turned out to be the perfect place to raise a "family dog" as there were many trails, parks, rivers, lakes (stocked with ducks to chase) nearby.

JB started out as the only child in the family. After a few years she was nudged out by Tristan, Trafford, and finally Blythe. She knew the new pecking order and was fine with it, as long as there were plenty of tennis balls to chase, mysterious food falling from highchairs, tables, and unsuspecting small children trying to eat hot dogs. Other than the single instance JB never snapped at a child (when Tristan was under a year old), she would put up with all sorts of tail pulling, ear twisting, and even the occasional child rodeo.

JB was not just a stay-at-home dog; she was a professional dog, walking to Michael's office in Sellwood, waiting all day for the short walk home and possible fallen goodies on the sidewalks in Westmoreland.

JB was an athlete, climbing up to Mt. Hood's Palmer Glacier from Timberline Lodge many times and chasing Michael down while he skied or snowboarded - two and a half hours up and fifteen minutes down. JB also climbed to the summit of Mt. Adams, over twelve thousand feet. The volcanic rock almost ruined her paws on the way down.

JB came from a strong bloodline of water retrievers, and it showed. When she was just a three months old, she chased a duck right into the lake at Westmoreland Park. She ran the first few feet and then promptly went straight under water. Frantically paddling with her front paws she pulled herself out and shook off. It was another week or two before she would get back in the water; it took Michael getting in the water, and Christel going to the other side of the river and calling her name, before she would swim again. Once she did, she was off for good.

She spent many mornings, days, and evenings fetching sticks, balls, and just about anything else in the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, Trillium, Frog and Collins Lakes, and the Pacific Ocean. She was most at home when in the water.

JB was a dry land dog, too. She spent many hours on trails running with Christel and Michael. It was a bit tiring when Christel would run in the morning and Michael in the evening of the same day. She put in many extra miles whenever Christel would train for a road race or triathlon.

In her later years JB mellowed and became smarter about her jaunts in the Eastmoreland district. Frequently Christel would get a call from the owner of the Eastmoreland Market, a few blocks away, stating JB was sitting at the front door waiting for dog biscuits. She also spent a long hours waiting for the kids to finish the school day at Holy Family.

JB was a great family dog that loved people and her family to her fullest ability. Her memories are strong with many people in and around Portland, from the mountains, through the city, to the coast.

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Candle lit by Jim Moore Im sorry to see JB pass on to doggie heaven. When I first met JB she was in her older years. I would walk by and she would lay there, look at me, wag her tail and smile. She just knew that she was going to get scratch on the head. I'll miss her happy face.

Candle lit by Richard & Mary Agnes Turkiewicz We shall always remember JB as the first of our "Grand Dogs". Adorable and mischievous as a puppy; gentle and loving as a family dog; majestic as she aged. Our hearts will forever be marked with her paw print.

Candle lit by The Elkins' Family We are so sorry to hear about JB! We know he was truly a member of your family and will be missed by all. His memory will forever be etched in your family’s hearts. "The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of its master." Ben Hur Lampman

Candle lit by Gilroy family Turks, we are so sorry that JB's beautiful life has ended. How many times we saw her waiting oustide school with all the other "siblings" for the big kids to run out of school, safely leading the way home. We will miss her.

Candle lit by Timm Locke JB was a great dog... I credit her as the inspiration for agreeing to get our own family dog, Bo. I fondly remember JB playing with Bo as a puppy and then a few years later the more mature JB trying to ignore Bo, who still wanted to chase her (or was it be chased?) around in circles in the front yard. I'm sure your family will miss her deeply.... Best wishes, Timm and the Locke family

Candle lit by Christopher Kids JB was a lot like our black lab, Maggie. She was the dog who inspired us to get a black lab. We remember her as a very,very sweet lab. JB proved that labs (especially black!) are rightfully America's best dog. She was so sweet!

Candle lit by Sarah Reynolds JB was a wonderful dog. So very sweet and gentle. I guess that we didn't really get to know her until her "golden years" so we missed out on her youthful spunk. Even in her pain she was always a lady with impeccable manners. She always felt it necessary to get up and great her guests to say hello; even when it became increasingly difficult to do so. The best family and neighborhood dog, JB will be remembered fondly for her gentle nature. Beautiful and lovable, she touched so many hearts. May she be in the most beautiful part of doggy heaven where she will live again in youth and health. We miss her and pray that your family's pain and loss lessens each day.

Candle lit by Cindy Christopher JB was a wonderful, kind and gentle dog. In fact, it was JB's special attributes that confirmed my family's decision to get our own black lab puppy (JB's cousin Maggie). JB lived a great, full, happy life - doing all of the things a lab loves to do - eating, playing, swimming, getting loved and taking a nice long nap!

Candle lit by Patty Sturdevant I was so shocked and saddened to hear the news about JB. My heart and prayers are with you all. JB was a major part of your family and will be truely missed. You will always have the memories that you will hold onto forever. In heaven there are endless tennis balls to chase, lakes to swim in and moutains to climb. We will miss you JB.

Candle lit by Mike Fisher We were very sad to hear of JB's passing. It was obvious to any who watched her that she was a very special member of your family.

Candle lit by Glen, Jan, Nicholas, and Anna Martens We enjoyed getting to know JB in her later years...that big bark, relaxing in the sun, always appreciative of a nice rub behind the ears...she was a constant and calming presence in the midst of all the activity. And we will miss her occasional forays into our backyard through the gate. We just liked having her around. it was apparent to everyone that she was loved and appreciated.

Candle lit by Scott Parkinson I'll always remember JB jogging with Mike into town and drinking from the public water fountain. She never needed a leash and always watched for cars. She was a good dog and is now in the kingdon of all good retrievers. The Parkinson Family

Candle lit by Natalie Wasserberger JB brought so many smiles to people's faces as they walked by your house. You could always count on her to bring happiness into your day. I will always cherish the time I spent dog sitting JB. It was a joy to have JB as a part of our neighborhood. She will be greatly missed.

Candle lit by Jen Cappalonga You gave JB a great life, a great family to look over, lots of love, and in the end, peace. She was a lucky dog to have found you.

Candle lit by Jamie Bradshaw JB was an adorable dog, that will be missed. She lived a full exciting life, and her memories will live on in those she met.

Candle lit by Anne-Marie Nash J.B. sounds like she was just a wonderful dog and family member. I know she will be missed forever. We have had our cat since before children and have watched her go down in the pecking order, as well, as each girl was born. But it's her, not the girls, that get to sleep in our bed with us every night. May your memories of J.B. bring a smile to your faces and warmth in your heart.

Candle lit by Carrie Centlivre JB sounds like an amazing part of the family and it's unfortunate for me that I didn't get to meet her. I'm sorry for your loss. JB sounds like she was a blessing for your family.

Candle lit by Nicole Bretz Christel and Turk, I am so sorry to hear of your loss of JB. I only met her a few times, but she was always so sweet and kind. You just wanted to give her a big 'bear' hug! It sounds like she had a wonderful and active life with a family that loved her dearly! She will be truly missed! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Candle lit by Michele Fagan Christel, Michael and Family, So very sorry to hear about JB's passing. She was a fixture in your family for so many years, it must be difficult. I remember her as very, very full of life and always eager for a run with either of you. Hugs to you..

Candle lit by Craig Spencer JB was the boss. I'm glad to say I, and my black lab (Sadie), knew her briefly. Our condolences.

Candle lit by Matt Roehr Very sorry to hear about JB's passing--she was a treat to watch the one time I did. And, with three labs of my own, I know how they become an integral part of your family.

Candle lit by The Ramirez Family Christel, What beautiful memories of your first "baby". I'll remember her as always patient, laying in the grass in front of your home. We know she'll be missed by all of you. Deb, Lionel and Jack

Candle lit by MacKenzy loved reading your story of JB. Being your first child, I know she was a huge part of your family. I am so sorry for your loss, and my heart goes out to all of you.

Candle lit by The Ryan's You're going to be missed buddy. God speed. I hear the squirrels are even easier to catch in heaven.

Candle lit by Brian Young Michael and Christel, sorry to hear about the loss of JB. But what a lot of great memories she left you. -Brian Young

Candle lit by Thuy Nguyen With deep sympathy, it's not easy to give up a furchild who has been so important to your family. I am very sorry for the sad lost of precious JB.

Candle lit by The Titus Family It breaks our hearts that loving and truly loved pets have to leave us so early. JB was adored and happy, full of energy and personality. Hers was a full life to be remembered with a smile. Nicole, Jamie, Mackenzie & Jacob

Candle lit by Vicki Fulbright Calwell I had the pleasure and good luck to be JB's neighbor for several years. There wasn't a sweeter creature around; even Oliver (my cat) liked JB. My favorite moments with JB were on the Turkiewicz' front porch. Frequently I found her stretched out above the steps. As I approached, her tail would begin to thump the wood decking. The decibels and frequency of thumps would increase with each stroke of her nose and patting of her belly. About that time Cristel would open the door to see what was going on, which always led to a nice neighborly chat. JB wasn't just a family dog, she was the neighborhood dog that made us a community. Rest in peace my sweet friend.

Candle lit by Katherine Armagnac I remember when JB first joined our family---with her little "pointy" head and zest for life. She had special meaning to me because my beautiful daughter was so thrilled with her and she was named after my grandmother. She and Friskers were about the same age and enjoyed time together as family members both in St. Helena and Portland. After all that is what family is all about---being together and sharing special time together. It is always difficult to make life decisions, but as the Bible says "...there is a season for all things". JB's last season, albeit in pain was one of love and caring. Now she is where she will once again be able to frolic, fetch and enjoy good health. How fortunate she is to have had such a loving, caring family to be with and watch over them and they over her at that last.

Candle lit by Steve and Kristan Stark We are so sorry about the loss of JB. She was a beautiful girl with a great personality. Kristan loved to see JB before and after school as she accompanied Christel at drop offs and pick ups. We will miss her in your front yard.

Candle lit by Jim Durbin JB was the office mascot in the early years of FuneralNet, back when we worked in her basement office. She didn't really like working too much though. She preferred to head outside for a chance to fetch a ball or stick in the yard or to take a walk around the neighborhood. Those was her real passions. On walks she always led us up to the line of shops in Westmoreland where she would go from one shop to the next. She knew which ones would have a treat or just a good old friendly greeting for her. Either one suited her just fine. She was a great dog and will be dearly missed.

Candle lit by Grandma Sancy and Grandpops We remember JB as a kind and sweet lab with her tail always wagging. We remember getting up in the morning and going down to the basement and hearing her tail starting to wag as we went down the stairs. Also she was noted for prodigious amounts of poopies during her walks.

Candle lit by Joe Saloom Christel, Mike, Tristen, Trafford and Blythe - we know JB was an important part of your family and she will be missed by all of you. I’ll always remember her at each of your houses, especially sharing the battleship with her. She was lucky to have been able to do all that she did over the years. I thought of JB when we picked out our all black dog from its litter. The Salooms