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Kaline Schoenfeldt

 Dedicated to my Companion, Friend and Hero


''Kaline'' Schoenfeldt 1995 - 2006

A Faithful Dog Will Play With You And Laugh With You or Cry He'll Gladly Starve to Stay With You Nor Ever Reason Why, And When You're Feeling Out of Sorts Somehow He'll Understand He'll Watch You With His Shining Eyes And Try to Lick Your Hand. His blind, Implicit Faith In You Is Matched By His Great LOVE The Kind That All of Us Should Have In The Master, Up Above. When Everything Is Said And Done I Guess This Isn't Odd For When You Spell "Dog" Backwards You Get The Name of God.

You Will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. We Love You and Miss You! Daddy, Mommy and Brother Simba

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Candle lit by Daddy Kaline your brother Simba is on his way. He will need your help just like before. But be ready because he hasn't changed. He will still want to be the boss and that's ok. We love him and are very happy you boys can run and play now. Play Ball.

Candle lit by Daddy Kaline, Miss you as much today as ever. Simba is ok and making it as he grows old. Think of you daily and remember the good times. Time does heal but I still tear up from time to time. I will always remember you. Pals forever. - Daddy

Candle lit by Daddy Miss You and pray your days are filled with fun and lots of ball playin. I Love You Kaline.

Candle lit by Daddy Never forgotten and ALWAYS in my heart. I Miss U yet know you're ok. Forever Pals.

Candle lit by Daddy Never far from my thoughts. I miss you and cherish all the great times we shared. My Companion for Life. You are with me always.

Candle lit by Daddy We made it to the big dance(WSeries) Brother. Thanks for your help. I Love Now and Forever. "Go Tigers"

Candle lit by MariAngela Kaline- You are such a sweet dog and faithful companion. I will miss you very much little buddy! MariAngela

Candle lit by Lindy Zimmerman Regrettably my only introduction to Kaline was when "the boys" would gallop through to join Jim in his den during our scrapping sessions. I should have ditched the group and gone outside to play frisbee at least once. May wonderful memories bring those who knew and loved Kaline best through their grief.

Candle lit by Marshall Buchholz Thank you for sharing your memorial to Kaline with us. Pets are so special because they give so much unconditional love, and ask for so little in return. "A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied." (An Old Irish Proverb)

Candle lit by Teresa, Andy & Hazel Kaline, We'll miss you very much. From our first meetings to our last...we'll remember them all. From Christmas morning when you wouldn't stay in the christmas box and went straight to Jim... to the first time you and Hazel met, you tinkled on her head. We laughed and loved all the moments. Thank you for being such a pal. Love, Teresa, Andy & Hazel

Candle lit by Meesh Kaline, I'm going to miss our "talks" when I go over to your house. You were such a special pup and I'm going to miss you! I know you're finding all sorts of doggie toys and are showing them off to everyone right now and telling them all about them!

Candle lit by Robin Bower Such a lovely poem to send you on your way. I know you brought such joy and love into your Mommy and Daddy's lives as our Sadie and Teddy do in ours.

Candle lit by Rose Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see. Helen Keller

Candle lit by Mom & Dad Traverso You were a wonderful companion and friend. We will heal from our sorrow just knowing we will meet again. There is nothing greater than man's best friend. You will be greatly miss by all who knew you, especially Jim, Val and Simba. Love to you and rest in peace. Love, Mom & Dad Traverso

Candle lit by DaleG Kaline threw out the first pitch tonight, and then oversaw the Tigers beat the Yankees. Kaline was a great pup and friend, his greeting on visits was grand, just like his parents!

Candle lit by Brian Druliner Kaline we only met briefly but I know you were loved dearly and I know you returned that love in many different wonderful ways. We will surely miss you and cherish great times forever. Sincerely Brian W. Druliner Portland, OR

Candle lit by Mommy Mommy misses you, Kaline, but I know you're not suffering anymore. Simba is lost without you and someday you will get to run and play with him again. I love you.

Candle lit by Daddy Kaline I cannot explain in words what you mean to me. You taught me about love first and foremost and that it lasts forever. Your companionship to me was one of the single greatest events in my life. I miss you and your presence will exist forever in my heart. Now lets get down to business and play some ball. Auf Wiedersehen (Until we meet again) Your Friend and Companion Daddy