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March 21, 2002- March 25, 2016

Her eyes; those are the first thing I saw that drew me in. She was

huddled underneath my co-workers desk, too scared to be placed in a kennel. I wasn’t looking for a new companion, but I feel like often those are the best connections that occur in life.

I took her home that night, to “foster”… I think knowing deep down that same night that she wouldn’t be going back to the shelter.

A few weeks later we got her spayed, I remember it was the day before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving morning I woke up, put Piper and her sister outside, calling them both back in a few minutes later. When Piper didn’t run to the door with her sister, I knew something was wrong. After an emergency trip to the vet, it was discovered that Piper was bleeding internally and the vet’s akita was brought in to donate blood. I told Piper while she was laying on that table that if she made it through this, she would never have to worry about finding another home. She was home.

I was blessed to have Piper in my life for over 12 years, but it was not long enough. The joy she brought into my life, the protection she brought to my home, the silly antics and laughs she provided I will keep in my heart forever.

I was so incredibly fortunate to have found my soul mate on four legs. Today marks 7 months since I had to let her go, due to an unknown tumor that had taken over her spleen. That day, I again looked into those same eyes on March 25th of this year, and told her it was ok, she could let go and I would see her again.

The pain hasn’t decreased very much, but I do now find myself looking at other dogs needing rescue, into their eyes especially, waiting for her to return.

I miss you Piper. You were the best friend on four legs I have ever had.

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Candle lit by Staff at Dignified Pet Services Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Angie W. You were very loved! & missed every single day.

Candle lit by Pierce Moon She made me love pitbulls. She will never be forgotten.

Candle lit by Suzy

Candle lit by madison

Candle lit by Jen I miss you so much. Every day.

Candle lit by Beejay I will always remember your Sweet girl.

Candle lit by Meredith Kuhl Rest in peace, sweet Piper.

Candle lit by Jonny

Candle lit by John K. Rest in peace!

Candle lit by Angie M She won't be forgotten

Candle lit by Lori & Dodger Piper you were a blessing to your humans. This journey is never easy ... please welcome Dodger as he crosses the rainbow bridge. He will need guidance & playmates. Our hearts are broken but yet full forever of the unconditional love we have received ... hugs and love always!

Candle lit by Bastien <3

Candle lit by Daniela RIP-angel

Candle lit by Dean I can tell Piper had a good life and a good human partner!