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Brownie Men


In Loving Memory of Brownie Men

(2002 – 2016)

No memory shall erase you from the memory of time.

—Virgil’s Aeneid, Book IX

On Friday, June 10, 2016, Brownie passed away having lived a full and happy life with a large and loving circle of family, friends, and adoring admirers.

Brownie Men, otherwise known as “Cozy Bear,” “Papá,” “Little Kingpin,” “B.Boy”, “My Little Ham Hock,” “Papa Bear,” “Puffy Pufferson,” “Mr. Puffinstuff,” “Mr. Puffypants,” “Ah K’map, (little fatty), “Gkoan Ch’kai” (puppy or baby dog), and “Mama’s Little Buffalo” was adopted by Phat Men (hence his last name) and Try Lim in the spring of 2002 from a Washington County breeder of Pomeranians. Smaller than a hamster when he was brought home, Brownie was instantly loved and adored by his adoptive family and everybody who experienced the joy of meeting him. Living up to his moniker as a “party color” Pom, Brownie was an intrepid and feisty member of his family from his first days, whether curiously tracking Valerie’s baby rabbit around the Lim duplex off 185th Street in Aloha or standing on his hind legs straining to climb the stairs so that he could join Sophorn, Engly and Baby, his beloved human siblings, upstairs.

In late 2003, Brownie moved into Khloth and Katrina’s new home in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland. It was there that he would daily greet his new caretakers with enthusiastic circle running when they returned home—a habit that lasted for the rest of his days. He also enjoyed late night revelry traipsing about the neighborhood in crazed pursuit of cats who had dared to enter his backyard while he was enjoying a potty break. It was after one such interlude, during which Katrina had called in reinforcements and scoured the neighborhood, that she found Brownie calmly lounging under a storefront awning on busy Stark Street watching the traffic speed by. When his panicked mother approached him, he looked up with eyes that seemed to say, “Oh, hi. Where have you been?” It wasn’t long after this, in 2006, when Katrina and Brownie moved into their new home near the Grotto—complete with a fully fenced backyard! Brownie loved having his own backyard to manage and protect from feral cats and the occasional raccoon or opossum. In this home, Brownie regularly hosted Khloth for visits, enjoyed after work snacks of grapes and carrots on the back stoop with Katrina, and became well known to his neighbors for his teddy bear features and prancing walks about the neighborhood and through the grounds of the Grotto.

Brownie was renowned for his indomitable spirit and zest for life, as well as his intelligent and inquisitive cock of the head that seemed to say “hmm, that’s interesting,” and his uncanny ability to guide, instruct and bend his caretakers to his will. Nobody was spared

Brownie’s “paw, paw, paw” followed by prolonged and withering stares if one made the mistake of misunderstanding, ignoring, or contradicting his sometimes opaque desires. In spite of his compact size and puffy, lap dog appearance, Brownie loved new adventures and being outdoors. He led the pack on long hikes and walks, nibbling on grass (see video) and ferreting out rotting bones and other putrid foods. He also took great pleasure in grooming himself (see video), angrily putting cats and squirrels in their places (see video), and any opportunity to ride along with his family in the car.

In this spirit of adventure, in 2008, he and Katrina moved to California to begin law school. They traded their tranquil home in Portland for the syringe-littered mean streets of West Oakland where late night gun fire and unsupervised pit bulls wandering the streets were the norm. Brownie took these changes in stride and gleefully responded with eager licks and curiosity when the local flavor who controlled “traffic” on the corner outside Captain’s Liquor praised his many charms while he and Katrina walked about the neighborhood.

Whether accompanying Katrina during an endless stream of late night study sessions during her first year or romping through the halls of Boalt Hall in her second year, Brownie was a source of great comfort, encouragement, and unconditional love during law school. Always happy to see her and insistent that they take walks and enjoy their meals together no matter how much more homework remained, Brownie provided Katrina a much needed reminder of what really mattered. He would later do the same for Khloth during his time in medical and pharmacy school. While away, Brownie received a number of visits from Khloth and other admirers from afar. He also became a skilled traveler, accompanying Katrina on flights back to Oregon to visit family and friends. Although Brownie’s health ultimately prevented him from joining Katrina in Cambodia, he was raised in the Cambodian culture from early in life and late in life became a prolific consumer of rice, just as any true Cambodian is.

While Katrina interned in Cambodia during the summer of 2009, Brownie deeply enjoyed the loving care of his great uncle Jim and endless opportunities for exploration of Jim’s secluded nature compound outside Amboy, Washington. The next summer and for the four years that followed, Brownie developed a strong bond with his grandma, who provided him tireless, expert, and loving care as he faced a number of health scares and chronic medical conditions with his usual aplomb, spunk, and bravery.

Even in his last years, as Brownie struggled with the worsening symptoms of a heart murmur, he was quick to block the door and make his presence known through barks and penetrating stares if anyone tried to escape the house without him. In the spring and summer months, he was happy to wait in the yard or on the seat of the car to make sure that he was not left behind. He also enjoyed getting to know, nipping at, and participating in activities (from a safe distance) with his youngest cousins Wylie and Sami, just as he had years earlier enjoyed herding his Pomeranian cousins, Gina and Irene, and his human cousins, Chevin, Chivan, Orkida and Melany during frequent visits to his Cambodian side of the family. Above all else, Brownie was a people-dog. He loved meeting new humans and often lavished them with kisses as a way of making friends.

Too many individuals to name are owed a tremendous debt of gratitude for their participation in Brownie’s life. Brownie enjoyed a large network of friends, family, and admirers who showered him with love, kindness, and adoration every day that he was with us. Katrina most especially wishes to acknowledge Khloth’s mother, Phat Men, whose insistence on having a companion pet brought Brownie into our lives nearly 15 years ago, and Katrina’s mother, Patricia Horne, who took such thoughtful care of Brownie over the final 5 years of his life and truly appreciated and loved Brownie as one of her grandchildren. Sadie, he canine companion in his final years, was a much appreciated source of stimulation and camaraderie for Brownie. And, finally, Katrina thanks Khloth, who showed up at our then new house one day and insisted, over her reservations, that Brownie wasn’t just visiting, but was there to stay. Khloth’s love and financial support of Brownie, his constant concern for his well-being, grooming and hygiene, and his continuing and constant involvement in Brownie’s life long after he and Katrina ceased to share a home illuminates the depth of his character and his love for Brownie.

The greatest comfort in the wake of Brownie’s passing is knowing that he led a charmed life in which he was treasured, admired, and doted on as the eternal “baby” of a large and loving family. As he was often told, “everybody loves you, Brownie.”

A memorial service with light refreshments will be held for Brownie at his last home in Corbett, Oregon on Saturday, July 2nd at 2:00 p.m. Please RSVP to Katrina if you plan to attend.

20 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by GRE I'm so sorry for the passing of your beloved Brownie. The way you and family are handling it shows Brownie was a valuable companion and his loss leaves everybody deeply devastated. Even though I did not know him personally, you have told me about him and I know the pain you're going through. Please once again accept my condolences for his passing. I wish I could attend his memorial service if something was planned here in California. If there anything I can do to help, please feel free to let me know. I stand by you to support you deal with this.

Candle lit by AOM I have just walked with you via your wonderful tribute and photos of Brownie, catching glimpses of him as a pup, in the prime of his life (what a beauty), and then towards his last times. I enjoyed with you a sense of his vitality and amazing appeal. My favorite pics? Those with you, where the almost-intoxictated, drowsy pleasure in his eyes spoke volumes about being adored and made over. Thank you so much for sharing him.

Candle lit by Katrina Natale Favorite Memory #1: The first time I met Brownie he was at a picnic with Khloth's family at a park somewhere in Washington County. There he was with a too big collar and lease, tottering over to me. I was taken aback; he was just like a living toy teddy bear--so adorable and so curious. Not at all afraid of the world in spite of his minuscule size!

Candle lit by Grandogma The fourth is coming up, so the Fourth of July experience with Brownie. Brownie was in the front lawn (fenced yard), with his two giant friends Chauncy and Max. They were out early for a break before the fireworks started, I too was getting the barbeque ready a few feet away from them when a very large bang happened. I looked up to see pups running for the front door. Upon a head count inside, I could not find Brownie. Not under the beds or anywhere else. I called Murph and Richard who were already on their way. We spent 5 hours looking for him in the tall grass, asking after him with neighbors, and searching the roads. During this time, we received a call that Laina was in labor with Sami. We had no luck finding Brownie, and Murph and I decided that we wouldn't tell Katrina that he was gone just yet. At 10:00 p.m., while sitting on the couch lamenting the circumstances, Katrina called and asked "how are things going, mom." In spite of my pact with murph not to tell, I immediately confessed what had happened. Katrina told me that she had received an email from the family on Louden Road that had found Brownie running down the road. They had looked him up on YouTube and viewed a few of the many "very cute" videos Khloth had made! And, they'd gotten Katrina's email off his dog collar. These very nice good Samaritans saved him for us and I went and picked him up. That wasn't the last time he ran from fireworks. The next time these "mortars" we're set off, he ran nearly a mile away in no time! This with his heart condition! Luckily, the neighbors helped me catch him past Hurlbert Road! This dog really had 9 lives!

Candle lit by Paul Brashnyk Brownie did indeed have a great life and was loved by many. One of my favorite memories is of Brownie getting a "lion type hair cut" at my parent's cabin in Oregon, probably the summer of 2005. Was a fun time and a good memory. Rest in peace Brownie.

Candle lit by Katrina Natale I'll be going to mother's house this week and it's difficult to imagine that Brownie won't be there to greet me. He definitely lit up my life with his unique brand of spunk and charm.

Candle lit by Nancy Courtright I knew Brownie during the last years of his life while he lived with my kind and competent friend Pat. He enjoyed a large fenced yard and a omfortable, loving home. He exuded intelligence, spirit and pride in the fire in his eyes and the saucy carriage if his plume of a tail. As with all of his kind, he certainly was a faithful friend to those who loved and cared for him, and who will miss him as such!

Candle lit by Staff at Dignified Pet Services Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Liny Chea Dear Trena, I'm really sorry to hear that Brownie pass way. It makes me really sad too. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Candle lit by Lisa Dailey & family Brownie will always be remembered by our family for his courage when visiting us and our very large Sammy boy. While sleeping over at our house, Brownie became comfortable with having Sammy around but never did like the school bus that stopped in front of our house to take Angel and Chloe to school. Each morning and afternoon he would jump to the top of the couch and make his feelings for the big yellow bus known to all. His appetite for cheese will not be forgotten as well. It saddens all of us in the family to hear about his passing. While Katrina was in Cambodia, Chloe and I would spend time watching Brownie on YouTube while listening to Khloth's concern for Brownie's potassium intake. Brownie, you have a special place in all of our hearts and you will be missed greatly.

Candle lit by Grandogma Pat Brownie had the attitude of a fearless lion. He would fearsly bark and snap at Chauncy (standard Poodle) and Max (Doberman/Rotwieler). He would not allow their joyous dancing in close proximity to him. They would both run. It was funny to watch how they reacted to him. We skyped Katrina while she was in Cambodia. Brown regonized her voice and ran to the front and back door looking for her. We had to turn the volume down. When driving to Klouth's for a visit, Brown would know blocks ahead of time where he was going. He would jump up in anticipation. When parked and put out on the ground he would go to the front door and wait for his best friend to answer If his demands to go upstairs were not answered in a timely manner he would first scratch if that did not get action he would add huffing in disgust. He trained his people subjects well. He will be missed by me and his dancing dog friend.

Candle lit by Khilo Brownie will be greatly missed. He was a tremendous dog...unique and one of a kind personality. He lived a good life and he brought joy to my life. At times I was not sure if he was in charged of me. I will always remember is bark.

Candle lit by julie So many words that could be said about memories of Brownie! I remember his energy to get to cats.... and his insistence to get through the closed door, at my house at 505 in Eugene, where my cat was kept, so that "She couldn't harm him"! His insistence, even when Katrina & I "thought" we had him contained with us on the couch.. only to realize he had gotten his way, once again, and was scratching at that door! Or the day we were at Astoria, and walking the boardwalk, and all of a sudden realizing that he had his leg caught between the boards... but, still trying to keep up! The most precious memory I have though, is the look in his eyes and the look in Katrina's... when they were with each other. The obvious love, joy, and pleasure that Brownie brought to Katrina's life, and Katrina to Brownie's.... I will always remember... Thanks Mr. Brownie..... for your spunkiness! I'm so sorry for your pain Katrina. But remember, the only way to escape the pain, would be too never have experienced the joy and companionship that Brownie brought to your life. Your grief is a tribute to your love and Brownie's unique personality! love, julie

Candle lit by Katrina Favorite Memory #2: Time and again Brownie proved himself an expert escape artist! It warms my heart to thank back on Brownie's first witnessed escape. He was living with Khloth's parents at the time on the cul-de-sac in Aloha. Khloth and I had gotten into the habit of walking Brownie over to the playground at the nearby elementary school and Brownie loved to run about, explore the ground, and chase and nip everyone's heels over there. If it had been up to him, he would have spent his whole day there. One day he managed to squeeze out of the door when we were coming or going. We whipped around to see him making a mad sprint to the end of the cul-de-sac and rounding the corner to the left--on his was to the school grounds! I had to contradictory feelings at that moment: 1) horror at the thought that Brownz would be run over, and 2) cooing to myself about his adorable bunny feet and his cute rabbit style running,

Candle lit by Ruby & Buddy Sorry about Brownie. He was real cute.

Candle lit by Murphy Brownie was indeed a very special boy. I have many treasured memories of him. I remember when he stayed at our place in Troutdale and had Richard and I sleeping on the edges of our queen bed as he luxuriated in the middle. Kingpin is right! More than this, I have memories of the two of you together, sharing popsicles, going shopping in Fred Meyer, hiking, and playing attack mama's head! I loved his look of satisfaction as he captured your ponytail holder. "Teach him a lesson!" "Fight him!" "Everybody loves you." "Kingpin!" You and B.Boy made a fabulous duo! I am so glad that you both found each other. It is sad that Brownie was with us for such a short time, but in this time he lived fully! Brownie is gone and missed, yet he is and will always be remembered and loved.

Candle lit by Kit Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. Hope all of your happy memories will help ease your sadness. I know that this is tough time. That old "road" can be long and lonesome, but others are there to share and comfort you. Brown will be remember fondly for his charm and feistiness! I say those are GREAT things and we all should be so lucky!

Candle lit by Julie Bitz, DMD Saying goodbye: We know how much a heart can ache for a lost friend. Please know that are thoughts are with you. Katrina, Patricia and Family, I'm so sorry about the loss of Brownie. He was a very special little dog and I know he will be missed dearly. Brownie was a lucky dog to have a long life and a very loving family.

Candle lit by Diana Russell, Ph.D. Dear Katrina, wishing you a rich and profoundly meaningful memorial service for Brownie that will be everything--and more--than you hoped it would be. With my deepest sympathy.

Candle lit by Sharon When a candle goes out suddenly, the darkness can be overwhelming, but in the heart there is a glimmer of light--because love hold the memories that gently keep glowing forever. Withing you comfort in your loss. I am so sorry your heart is broken, but Brownie is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you and you will be together again.